Dale, Martie and Mary inspect the pumpkin crop

The Oliver Miller Homestead is open to the public every Sunday from 1:30 to 4:30 PM from the first Sunday of May through the first Sunday in December.

The last admission is at 4 PM.  In order to allow sufficient time to tour the site.

Jim and Fran in the Trading Post

Tours are self guided – at your own pace.  It usually takes about an hour or more to visit all the buildings.

The Homestead’s entrance gate is located under a canvas shelter in front of the Stone House. From here you can choose to walk the path to start in the barn or visit any of the other buildings first. 

The BARN serves as the Homestead’s visitor’s center.  It houses the Miller whiskey still, a Whiskey Rebellion exhibit, information about Oliver Miller family history, a hands-on children’s area and the Homestead’s gift shop – the Trading Post.  (Many of the items are sold there are hand made by members.)

Harold, working in the Demo Shed

Along the path to the Stone House you will visit the DEMONSTRATION SHED, where men are usually hard at work on various projects. 

The TRANSPORTATION SHED is attached.  It houses an antique buggy and information about early trail and roads.


Blacksmith Mike at work in the Forge

Follow the smell of smoke and the noise of clanging metal to the FORGE where you will find a blacksmith hard at work,  making or repairing iron tools.  

OMH Log House in the winter


The LOG HOUSE  is a reminder of the Miller’s first home.  It is sometimes difficult for a 21st century family to imagine so many people living in a home with a single room.  The Miller’s log house was considered large for its time.  Discussion about the use of herbs and herbal medicine often takes place there. 

Pam and Janis at the Spring House

The stone SPRING HOUSE is an original building which was used as a fresh water source and a way to keep food cool. It’s spring has been faithfully flowing for over two hundred years.  


Joe and Fred at the Fire PitThe FIRE PIT area is a favorite gathering spot for members and visitors where one can observe outdoor cooking, bullet making,  listen to a story or simply enjoy the fire.  

Quilters- Mary, Dawn, Judy and Pam

The Miller STONE HOUSE, another original building, is the gem of the site. The first floor consists of a keeping room, the craft room (a room set aside to demonstrate spinning and weaving) and the kitchen, with its large open cooking hearth.  The second floor has three bedrooms.  Women are often found at the quilting frame in the largest bedroom.

An outdoor oven, the BEEHIVE BAKE OVEN is just outside the kitchen door.  It may be fired up for baking on event Sundays. 

Judy, Martie and Carol in the kitchenOn each Sunday, docents in period dress will provide information, answer questions and demonstrate heritage crafts. Open hearth cooking is done on special event days and is often done outdoors on non-event Sundays.

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Entrance Admission is $2.00 per person for special event days and $1.00 per person on other non-event Sundays.

At least one special event is planned each month. Miller Whiskey Still

Please see the schedule under SPECIAL EVENTS or click 2018 OMH Special Events Sheet

Special weekday group tours or school tours can be scheduled by calling the Homestead at 412-835-1554.

The Homestead is located in Allegheny County’s South Park off Corrigan Drive on Stone Manse Drive, South Park, PA 15129.


GPS address:Capturemap

1 Stone Manse Drive
South Park, PA 15129